Plating Jig
All kinds of hanging for flexible or multilayer PCB plating, single or double pole, it be made of stainless steel and cover Red rubber (PVC), with corrosion resistance and well electrical conductivity, easy to use. Also, the size and the shaped can be according to customer's Special requirement.
Pressure Filtration is required in bright plating solutions to ensure brilliancy as well as smoothness of deposit. The solution is fed through suitable filtration media to ensure quality filtration. Cartridge type filtration units sealers magnetic drive powered by AC Nobs or PP, PVC, Non Metallic Corrosion proof maintenance free filter chamber with cartridge or pad type filter element and standard fittings. Different combinations of Cartridge size & Qtys can be offered with suitable Pump capacity based on Customers requirement and it may be not chemically compatible for certain applications in PCB process industries for such we have manufacture pole-propylene filter housing suitable for cartridge filter & plate filter.
Filter Unit
Platting Tank
Today we have several options to select the material problems. They are durable and cost effective Plain double welder tailor-made self supporting tank of any adopted for storage, Electroplating, Anodizing, Stoipping Tank, Degreasing Tank and other process requirements, fabricated from Risid PVC, PP, PP+FRP, Stainless Steel 304/316 etc.
Drill bit Regrinding
Drillbit Regrinding Center - Capabilities

  • Repointing of drillbits 0.5mm to 6mm
  • Capable to repoint drillbit used for regid and flexible substrates
  • Capacity of 2 repointing machines presently
  • Turn-around time within 7days

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